Sunday, August 09, 2009

Big Poker Show Tonight...

We have a really good show tonight. 2 of the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table participants will come on for about 10 minutes. We will interview Eric Buchman and Steven Begleiter. I'm amazed at how experienced most of the players at this final table are. Steven is one of the rare exceptions but he's 3rd in chips and definitely has a chance. We got the chance to interview Kevin Schaffel last week so that means after tonight we will have interviewed 3 of the final 9. We want to get at least 5. Our show, The Main Event, airs tonight from 7-9pm CST on 97.5 fm in Houston. You can also stream the show at Feel free to leave questions in the comments.

More good stuff...

* I think one of the dumbest things about baseball is that the managers wear uniforms in the dugout. Of all the major sports baseball is the one in which managing matters the least and yet these d-bags get all dressed up in full gear as if they are going to pinch-run at some point. Still, you gotta hand it to Braves' manager Bobby Cox. If you are going to look like a fool at least go all the way (#4)!

* Speaking of baseball how about them Washington Nationals! About a week ago I looked at the standings and they were 32 and 72. In other words if they won their final 58 games they would be 90 and 72 - in one guy's estimation not enough to make the playoffs. But, after a nice little run the Nats have won 8 in a row. Just 50 more in a row and Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies will be sweating a little bit.

* I'm getting pumped for fantasy football season. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the draft or coming up with different team names. In one league, inappropriately named Big Dick Circus, I've decided to name my team The Jonah Falcons. I will be taking ideas for my other upcoming team names.

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