Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hi, my name is Lloyd McGuire and thanks for checking us out. This site has three posters: Matt Dean(7th WSOP), Taylor Caby(highly successful online cash player), and myself(funding law school from online poker). We will be posting about many aspects about texas hold em from heads up play to WSOP final table stories. Not much has been written about heads up play in nl texas hold em but it can be very profitable. Not only are most hands heads up after the flop but tournaments always come down to heads up. So whether you are playing .10/.25 nl heads up at Ultimate Bet or trying to win the WSOP, the info you learn here will give you an edge.


brainhell said...

You are go at throttle up.

Friendly Fire said...

Nice site guys, interesting hands too...i love the outdraw on the A2d...he was obviously a low rollin punk lol. Keep up the good work...see ya'll at WSOP 2005.